Upstands Acrylic

Our printed kitchen upstands provide an instant wow to any kitchen with no mess, no need for cut outs and these can be easily fitted in to any kitchen.

• Supplied printed in various colours/patterns to give any kitchen a modern touch
• Supplied in a standard size of 150mm x 2000mm
• Easy to cut to required length
• Easy to install (use a clear silicone adhesive)
• Easy to clean (wipe with warm water)

More colours/patterns available on request, please contact us to discuss your ideas.
  • Width mm
  • Height mm

Format & Sizes

Our printed acrylic upstands are available in one standard size of 2000mm long x 150mm high.

They are easy to cut to required length and install. 

Colours for our printed acrylic upstands are:

Available in our six standard gradient colours


The price of our printed upstand is £49 per unit (150mm x 2000mm).


Shipped within 7- 10 working days

Our delivery cost for upstand lengths is £9.99